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I’ve been feeling a bit dead when it comes to ideas these last 2 weeks. Even though I have a tonne of unfinished projects and illustrations hanging about, I’m just really not feeling it. I’ve been working on freelance projects with briefs and also doing admin stuff so I kind of got lost being creative on my own and drawing or doodling.


I used to LOVE drawing, don’t get me wrong, I still do, but I don’t draw as much using pen and paper like I used to as most of my work is digital. I miss making marks and painting and colouring or just doodling away. That’s why I thought about writing this post and actually making time for art.


There are a lot of reasons why art is good for us…


Helps to de-stress and relax
I’m sure by now we’ve all purchased at least one colouring book as a means to just sit and relax and do nothing. A way to zone out from the world, a distraction from things around us or just to keep mentally busy.


Way of processing thoughts/feelings
Art is also a form of therapy and is used in counselling sessions to help people overcome situations and help understand thought processes, expressions and communicate better. It’s not compulsory to attend art therapy sessions to process your thoughts or feelings, a creative diary or journal may help you to calm and express yourself better.


Encourages creative thinking
What do you do when you’re stuck on a project (other than go make lots of tea/coffee, trawl YouTube looking at random funny videos and sit at your desk stressing)? Being creative doesn’t mean you will always have lots of ideas, sometimes you will get stuck. This is where taking a step back and starting from the beginning might help. Create a brainstorm doodle – make notes, draw stuff, add colour – it might spark something you missed earlier or you might find a different angle.


Everyone and anyone can do it
Who says you have to be able to draw to make art! That’s rubbish, art is for everyone and anyone no matter what age they are. From little kids to the elderly, we should all embrace it and create! And, it doesn’t matter if you have a scrappy little pencil or the bestest art box with the most expensive tools, it’s about mental release, feelings, creating, love, a sense of achievement and most of all having fun.


Comes in many forms
Art isn’t just painting, drawing or doodling, it can also be sewing, crafting, knitting, modelling etc, it can be anything visual I guess that’s why there will always be something for everyone.



If you’re feeling creative, try one of these creative tricks:

Art therapy ideas:

Find out more about the benefits of Art on the brain here:
And here:

I’d love to know what other creatives do when they’re stuck creating art. And if doodling or being creative has helped anyone else.


Dina x


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