2019 Year Review


So, I’ve just looked back at last years review blog post and i guess i didn’t manage everything on there. I don’t think I set myself unrealistic goals but it was just a case of things I didn’t get around to doing some of the things listed. Instead, I made other accomplishments. Continue reading for my […]

Alternative Diwali Guide Guide

1. Dukana Tea towel2. Meera Lee Patel journal3. The Playful Indian peace tote4. Dukana Trishul pin & Dukana Tiger pin5. Dil ki Rani art print by Dilrani Kaur6. Milk & Honey book By Rupi Kaur 7. Aleeshasattic desi stickers8. Anisha Parmar parrot and lotus earrings9. Agni Style Devi t-shirt10. Heleena Tattoos tattoo vouchers

LBGT+Equality For Manchester Pride 2019

A few weeks ago I posted a few photos of paints I bought for a secret project on my Instagram stories. I can now tell you that the project was in fact for Manchester Pride which takes place this weekend (Friday 23rd August til Sunday 26th August). This year’s parade is theme is ‘Deep Space: […]

Supporting Small Businesses

support header image

I’ve seen this quote floating around Instagram and Facebook for a while now and it really makes me think about how important support of friends and family is when you’re running your own business. We’re so quick to support and buy from major brands and celebrities we don’t even know without a second thought. So […]

Mental Health Awareness, Body Shaming & Self-Love 1:1 With Alisha

The month of May is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness. A whole month dedicated to raising awareness around mental health and well-being in the UK. Why is it important? As much as we would all like life to run smoothly, a lot of the time it doesn’t. Things get in the way and sometimes we […]