6 Important Things Mums Do

I feel like i never appreciated my mum when i was younger as much as i do now. My teenage years were the worst with lots of arguing, foot stomping and slamming of doors and feeling like my mum was against EVERYTHING i did or wanted. These days i see everything she did for me, the sacrifices she’s made when me and my brothers were younger and how hard she works still. I guess i’m lucky to have this woman in my life still and i hope we have so more memories to make. 

Since it’s nearly Mother’s Day, I thought I would put together a list of some of the things mum/mum-figure do for us that we sometimes take for granted. It’s things that you might want to mention when writing your Mother’s Day card.

1. Loves you unconditionally
2. Takes care and comforts you
3. Puts you first
4. Will always be there to listen
5. Understands you
6. Makes you the best ever food

For those who have lost this special woman, she will always be looking down on you but i do hope there is a figure in your life that’s like a mum for you whether it be a grandparent, aunt, older sibling or family friend. And for those dads that are playing the role of mum too, you’re doing awesome and you’re even more special! 

Shop Mother’s Day cards here and don’t forget to tell your mum/mum-figure you love them everyday and appreciate them always being there for you.

Love Dina x

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