What To Write In A Card – Father’s Day

Why is it, when it comes to writing a Father’s Day card we never know what to write unlike Mother’s Day when we can say a million, trillion things. Each of our dads are special to us, their mannerisms, actions and just generally how they are with us so there are lots of things we could write about to honour them on Father’s Day.


Thinking about what makes your dad the best, in what way is he special to you? Recall your favourite memory of you both together and thank him for things he has taught you over the years. He might have a dad thing that he does so you could also bring that up and joke about it.   If you don’t have the best relationship with your Father, you can still send a card. Focus on the positives between you and tell him you’re thinking of him and wish him a wonderful day. For first time father’s or father’s-to-be this will be new, exciting and one they’ll always remember so mums-to-be / first time mums can get their partners a card to make it a special. Let him know be an amazing dad and that you know he’ll always take care of the little one or remind of the great job he’s already doing.


A grandad is someone you treasure more than anything. The memories you make are unforgettable. Show and tell him it’s definitely be an honour to celebrate Father’s Day with your grandad. You could also share with him the top 10 things you love about him I’m sure that would put a smile on his face and make him so happy!


If you have someone in your life that is like a second father to you then you are very lucky. It’s nice to show this person what they mean to you and the relationship you have. Think of things they’ve done for you, thank them and tell them how happy you are to have someone watching out for you. After all, Father’s Day is for someone who is there for you through everything and has a father’s heart.


Life isn’t perfect but who would want it to be anyway!? Sometimes, for whatever reason, mums will have to play the of a father too. I know a few people who do this and I admire them so much. For the strength, courage they have and everything they do to make sure their child isn’t missing out. So, don’t forget to thank your mum if she plays the part of a father figure too.

me and dad

I hope these ideas help you write a special Father’s Day card this year.

Love Dina x

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