FREE Vaisakhi Colouring Page

Vaisakhi, or Baisakhi, is the harvest festival of Punjab. The tradition marks the beginning of a new harvest season. This year, Vaisakhi falls on Tuesday 14th April. Sikh celebrating this festival visit the Gurdwara with offerings of sweets and flowers. A Nagar Kirtan, similar to a parade, is held and family and friends gather to celebrate the occasion rejoicing prayers. To the Sikh community, Vaisakhi has major religious importance as it marks the birth of the Khalsa: the army of all initiated Sikhs represented by the five beloved-ones. Read more about Sikhism here.  

For the occasion, I have created this colouring page for kids, and adults, to help in teaching young people about the celebrations. You can download them below depending on abilities/preference and they fit standard A4 paper. If you do download and colour them, I’d LOVE to see. Please tag me in your finished artworks on Facebook (@ThePlayfulIndian), Twitter (@Playful_Indian) or Instagram (@theplayfulindian).  


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