Firstly, thank you so much for popping by the About page to find out more about this little business. I really appreciate each and every one of you who has supported me and kept me going over the years and it makes me even happier to think that I can do this as a proper full time job because of you.

So let’s start with how it all began…

In 2012, I contacted The Princes Trust Enterprise Programme to help me setup my business after leaving a job which i felt wasn’t able to feed my creativity. The idea was to design a range of modern Asian greeting cards. Cards more suited to people of my generation which they could related to and actually enjoy sending out as i felt like there was a lack of this.

I was accepted on the programme and given access to a grant. The business started off with a mixture of cards, jewellery, scarves and more, i didn’t have a concise plan. It was only 2 years in I realised I needed to make a choice on the direction I wanted to take the business in because if I couldn’t figure out I was doing, how are my customers!  I rebranded in 2014 to the Playful Indian – I wanted the business to represent me as a person as well as my designs.

During my time running the business, I’ve always relied on another job and not feeling confident enough to pursue it full time. Since 2018, the business has grown since I’ve been able to expand my product range and even had to move my home office into a bigger room. I feel like now is the time to put my all into and embrace all it brings.

I’m always humbled by the kind messages and support of everyone online and in person and i still can’t believe people buy what i make, it’s still feels crazy. I hope you will continute to help this grow and together we can spread lots of smiles and happiness to those around us.