2019 Year Review

So, I’ve just looked back at last years review blog post and i guess i didn’t manage everything on there. I don’t think I set myself unrealistic goals but it was just a case of things I didn’t get around to doing some of the things listed. Instead, I made other accomplishments. Continue reading for my 2019 year review…

2019 Review

  • Left my full time job to do this full time.
  • Moved into the big room giving me a bigger home-office space. 
  • Made lots of new items including cards, mugs, prints, stickers and tees.
  • Learnt how to build my own WordPress website after accidentally breaking my old one.
  • Became a member of Swalk creative collective with my products stocked at Afflecks Palace in the heart of Manchester.
  • Got to work with Virgin Atlantic for Diwali gift bags.
  • Did lots of market events which brought me out of my comfort zone.
  • Did my first illustrated quotes workshop with adults.

Things I didn’t manage to do:

  • Plan gift sets for special occasions
  • Regular blog posts/newsletters
  • Introduce custom illustrations

Looking back, I feel proud of what I have achieved. It might not seem like a lot but it’s those little wins that count to make a bigger win. That being said, i know i could have done more if I stopped procrastinating but hey, I’m only human. Comparing my lists of what I have achieved, I feel like I have actually achieved better things. 

2020 Plans
Who knows exactly what 2020 will hold for me and my business but it will always be more new products. I’ve already sat down and wrote all the special occasions on my big whiteboard and made a list of products I could potentially do for those events (planning isn’t my issue, it’s implementing in advance – this also depends on my financial status at the time). 

I’ve made a list of other goals I want to achieve and one of those if to definitely take part in more regular markets (ps, as i write this, I’ve literally just booked one for 2020). As well as keeping on top of blog posts and newsletters, especially since the subscriber list has grown so much this year. I also want to try to make more videos and talking posts via Instagram stories, mainly to build my confidence and also to let you guys know what i’m up to and show more processes and drawing.

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see from me in 2020, let me know below…

Dina x

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