Progress of A Design

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. To be honest I don’t know if anyone had noticed how some of my card design have changed. I started out 3 years ago with no idea what I saw doing except that I wanted to modernise the asian greeting card market. My aim was to put smiles on peoples faces by designing fun and happy cards. The changes I made over the years may be slight but they have certainly improved the overall design. My illustration style isn’t any different, I still illustrate digitally on the computer using my graphics tablet, I’ve just learnt to use the tools better and help the progress.

Below I have used the popular ‘You’re The Chutney To My Samosa’ design and you can see the progress clearly:
More progress: I can not believe these guys never had a face, they look kinda creepy! Back then it was all just an idea and I didn’t think I’d get this far but it’s always good to see.chutney-to-my-samosa-progress-02
Faces added and better limbs!

I’m much happier with the way they look now compared to 3 years ago. You never know where these might progress over the next 3 years…

Dina x


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