3 Things I Learned From MasterChef Junior And Applying It To Business


I’ve recently been watching MasterChef Junior USA and I am SO amazed at how talented these little kids are. I don’t recall myself being so dedicated to drawing and art as they cook those beautiful dishes they create. It made me think every episode how they already have such big dreams and plans for their future. I also thought how their approach could be applied to business.



OMG how passionate are there kids about what they’re doing!? Aged between 8-13, these kids are putting together dishes I’ve never heard of and even most adults would fail at. It amazes me each episode how talented they are and how much drive they have. That’s the same passion and drive we need in our small business. We need to love what we’re doing and have the drive and motivation to make it work. We need to give it our all and love it as much as these kids love cooking.



There’s been a few episodes where the kids have cut or burnt themselves, fallen behind and even slipped on the floor. What did they do? They carried on, they may have cried a little but they continued creating and cooking their dishes. What I’m trying to say is they don’t give up. We need to apply this same trait to our business. Failure will come, we’ll get knocked down and feel crap about it but that’s not helping us, we have to get up and keep going, just like these kids.



Have you noticed how these kids all encourage each other during challenges? Even though they’re in competition with one another, they still support and encourage each other to keep going. Phrases like ‘you can do it’, ‘keep going’ especially when you don’t think you’re going to finish something or are about to give up can mean the world. Having someone believe in you and what you’re doing, the same applies in business. We’re all trying to do our own thing, to ‘make it’ and build our business. We should be encouraging and supporting each other and not comparing ourselves.


If you watch the show, let me know your thoughts too.


Dina x

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