What To Write In A Birthday Card

.You know when you buy the perfect card and you’re all excited to send it out. Then you get home, open it ready to write then you’re stuck like damn it, what do I write?! Not all of us know what to write so here’s a few ideas I’ve gathered for you.   Two things to think about when you’re ready to write your message: 1. Who you are sending it to and 2. How close you are to them (the relationship you have).  

Family Member
If you’re writing a card for an older family member you probably want to keep it clean. Think of the relationship you share with this person. I always write silly messages for my brothers’ cards or silly things only we find amusing. Because, even though I’m the eldest, I do act the youngest! If it’s someone older, think of how special/proud I am of them and what it means to me that they’re a part of my family. If you want to keep it short, phrases like ‘you’re a blessing in our family’, ‘another year of happy family memories together’ or ‘I (we) can’t imagine our family without you,’ are a great way to make a card special.  

A simple card can mean the world to partners. It can make them feel special, spoilt, laugh and cry all at the same time. It’s OK to be a bit cheeky and flirtatious. If you have something planned for day, give hints in the card to get the day started with excitement. Tell them what they mean to you and if you aren’t able to see one another on the birthday and how you wish you could be there to spoil them.  

Kids messages should be short and sweet, they aren’t going to sit through long paragraphs. Kids love their age being mentioned. It means they’re getting big now so be sure to write something along the lines of yay or wow you’re __ years old now or make sure you eat lots of cake and ice cream/jelly.  

Friend A birthday card for a friend is the perfect way to thanks for always being supportive and there when you need them. Tell them why they’re a good friend ie. the happiness/joy/sillyness they bring to your life. For friends, it’s OK to make a joke or two in their card.  

Milestone ages
Milestone ages include 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100. Some people will be excited about turning a certain age (16, 18, 21 and maybe 30) while others not so much. I know I’m staying 28 now til I’m about 50 then I might consider being 29 🙂 Keep the message positive and happy. Things like ‘old enough to buy good stuff, young enough to enjoy it, celebrating your amazing life, ____ never looked so good before are good messages to include.  

Belated Birthday
As they say it’s better late than never so include a sincere or funny apology in your message. You could even use the excuse that you’re just extending their birthday a little longer 🙂  

Group card
In these situations, it’s best to keep it sweet and simple like ‘have a great birthday’, ‘wish for something good’ or ‘enjoy your day’ would be perfect.  

If I’ve missed anything, do share and let us all know in the comments.

Dina x

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