12 tips for taking your business seriously

1. Have a designated work space
Have a designated work space that you feel comfortable to work in. Make sure it has plenty of natural light and it’s away from distraction. It also means you can keep any tools you need at hand.

2. Write a business plan
Write a business plan with goals even if it means it’s just notes and scribbles. This will keep you focused on what you need to achieve in order to build your dream. Update it as your business develops and you reach your goals.

3. Office hours
If you’re working from home your routine can kinda get mussed up. You no longer have to do the

4. Separate bank account
Have a separate bank account for your business. When it comes to doing your tax return it will make things so much easier and you can see clearly what your income and outgoings are.

5. Invest in yourself and your business
Having your own business means you have to learn all trades such as social media management and accounts to sales as well as keeping up with any creative stuff. Learn all these trades, take courses that will help you help your business run more smoothly.

6. Quality content – online presence
Have quality content on your social media sites and blogs. Make your presence known to everyone, This way you will build your brand, gain followers and, in return, generate more sales. Take good quality photos, think of what your readers/followers want to see or read about that is in keeping with your business.



7. Get your branding on point
If the branding for you business is right, you will take things much more seriously. Get business cards for future potential customers, notepad, pens and pencils with your logo so it helps you see that it’s real.

8. Ask for help
You can’t do everything on your own so when you need it, ask for help. There really isn’t any point struggling on something that you can hire someone else to do.

9. Don’t do everything for free and it’s OK to say no.
Stop saying yes to working for free on every project. Work out what’s important and do that keeping you freer to concentrate on building your business. Also, it’s OK to say no to potential clients you know you won’t get on with or you feel your style doesn’t match what they’re looking for.

10. Have a welcoming online shop
Your online shop must be appealing to potential customers, it should have good quality photos of your products and descriptions. Keep it up-to-date and make it feel easy to use.

11. Measure your success
Keep a check on your stats and analytics; where your customers are coming from, what they’re looking at, how often. This will help determine what’s working for you and your business.

12. Grow your fans
As your business grows,so will your followers. There is strength in numbers and everyone loves to be a part of something bigger, and it’s even nicer when they stick by you while you’re still working things out.

What are your tips/advice for anyone who wants to start taking their business seriously?

Love, Dina


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