Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

WOW, how time flies right? 2016 seems like it’s passed by in the blink of an eye and honestly I feel like I haven’t really accomplished much this year in terms of my business. So I was reading through this old post to see what I had planned for the year…


My 2016 plans included the following:

  • Design more cards
  • Make colouring book
  • More tees
  • Gift sets
  • Homewares x




Although I have managed to design a colouring book, have gifts sets and designed more cards, I do feel I could have done more. I am not going to forget about designed more homeware such as new tea towels and aprons – I’d love to work on this for 2017. T-shirts were put on a bit of a back burner in the end due to finding a new printers and costs. I only managed to design this Barfi one really. I’m still proud of what I have achieved so far but for the last few months I have been thinking that maybe my cards are a bit too niche and I need to expand a little.


The biggest change in 2016 has to be moving back to Manchester from Leicester. It had been a good 17 years since I left so it felt like a big deal. It’s nice to be closer to my parents though, help out and look after them. This did ,mean leaving my full time job but now I’ve found something part time that I can fit around my business and I enjoy is great.




Business-wise, Some of my items are still stocked at Southbank Centre in London as well as a few shops overseas. I was pretty crap at booking events in 2016 so only managed to take part in one which was the Leicester Diwali Mela, it was a long day but well worth it as I met some lovely people and visit my second home!




I have also made some great connections via Instagram, mainly through the Great British Bake Off Challenge I set myself,  this year who include _TheTasteBuds (who I also had the pleasure of meeting in person and is an absolute crazy lady but so awesome), Nina Mistry-Rhodes (she’s also a pattern designers and illustrator) and Charly Clemments (also illustrator and has been helpful when it came to social media advice). I would also like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who has supported my business, commented, liked, shared and bought something from my shop. You are what keeps me going so THANK YOU. I appreciate every purchase no matter how big or small, I read every comment and see every like, you are all appreciated.


Plans for 2017:

There will be a slight change in the business in 2017 as I plan to cater for more people rather than focus on just Indian cards. This will include a WHOLE load of new card ranges and I’m excited about that…especially as it means more food related cards in around the world! Also because I feel I haven’t really designed much in the second half of this year so I need to get my bum into gear work harder!


Since my first Diwali activity kits were a success, I will be doing more next year. This time I will need a few people to test of the kits early on to make sure they are aimed at the right ages and genders. I’d also like to do more activity kids that combine learning with playing so if you have any ideas, drop me a message or comment below. Kitchenware is a must this year, I’d love to introduce AT LEAST one apron and new tea towel design. Although I do love this one, I feel it could be more fun and quirky.


I didn’t realise the downloadable Wedding props would be such a success but it’s been flying out since I added it so I plan to create more downloadable products in 2017. Let me know what you’d like to see…




So, in short, 2017 will focus on:

  • New cards – not just aimed at Asian market
  • More activity packs
  • Kitchenware (apron / tea towel)
  • Downloadable products


What would you like to see for 2017? Leave me a comment below…


Dina x


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