6 Workspace Essentials That Help Me Stay Focussed


Music, for me, sets the mood for anything. When I’m working, I stick Spotify on and sing my little heart out while I’m working. Other times I like peace and quiet and need to focus on dreaded accounts stuff. This is my current fave playlist.



Keeping hydrated is a must while working, I feel like it keeps my brain fresh and stops me feeling tired. I always have a big bottle with me everywhere I go and try to drink the 3 litres I’m supposed to – sometimes I think I drink that in coffee though.




Notebook / Diary

I have a really bad habit of making notes and ideas on bit so paper so now I’ve resorted to keeping a notebook where I can at least keep all my scribbles and doodles in one place. I also keep my diary close to check what appointments/deadlines/events are upcoming.


Pens / Pencils

I do love a good selection of pens when I’m working. Not that I use them all but I know they’re at hand if I need them. Plus, I do like writing out your order notes in colour 🙂




Wall of Inspiration

When I moved to Manchester and had a proper office space, I created a wall of posters and pictures I like. It’s my inspiration/motivation wall that makes me happy and smile and keep me going.



Flying saucers, Twiglets and strawberry laces often make an appearance on my desk. I get hungry and like to nibble so these are the perfect little snacks to keep me going. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat these everyday, some days I’ve been sat eating my way through a whole carrot, I can do healthy too.


I hope you share some of my work space essentials, if not, let me know in the comments what yours are?


Love, Dina


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