Why Goals Are Better Than Resolutions

I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions.I’m just imagining you guys thinking wwhhhaattt??!!! But there’s a very good reason why i don’t make New year resolutions and the reason being is because I am crap and it’s just setting yourself up for disappointment, unless it’s me and I’m just not dedicated enough. It’s kind of like when people make dieting resolutions and come mid Jan it’s all over and we’re eating crap again (from personal experience haha). So surely it would be better to tell yourself to eat healthier rather than diet? Dieting feels so restrictive!

Anyway, for the past 2 years I never made any resolutions, I just set myself mini goals or things I wanted to achieve that year, mostly they were about me as a person rather than business but this year I guess my goal is all those I made this post. This is just my personal preference now and it’s much better to keep track of what you’re doing and where you see yourself at the end of each month or year.
4 Reasons Why Goals Are Better Than Resolutions

  1. More realistic

Things like I’m not going to eat junk food is not realistic or promising yourself to design 50 new cards in one month is also not realistic. Ask yourself what is realistic, what can you achieve in one month? Have a take away once a fortnight rather than 3 times a week and create 5 new designs and have ideas ready for the next.

  1. Plan

This is one of my goals – I’ll start of well then come April I’ll stop using my diary and start writing on scraps of paper which will then get lost under the mountain of scribbles on my desk. This year I’m writing 3 tasks that I MUST to do each week rather than the 10 unachievable things I would have set myself up for.

  1. Help you stay motivated

Ok so you slipped up, rather than feeling bad and giving up give yourself a break and start again. I think the feeling of restricting yourself can make resolutions worse so goals will keep you motivated. Find people or set up your own little creative group to keep yourselves all on track. It’s a great to bounce ideas off each other to help you achieve your next goal or how to improve.

  1. Helps feeling of accomplishment

Setting yourself mini goals for each month or week will make you feel like you’ve achieved something rather than one big goal for the year – always the little things.

Have you made any resolutions or plans this year? Let me know.




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