Supporting Small Businesses

I’ve seen this quote floating around Instagram and Facebook for a while now and it really makes me think about how important support of friends and family is when you’re running your own business.

We’re so quick to support and buy from major brands and celebrities we don’t even know without a second thought. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your friends’ business? If each one of your family or friends shared your small business with their friends and family, do you think this would help your business?

6 Reasons Why You Should Support A Small Business:

They’ve consciously made the decision to face challenges throughout the process.
The road to a successful business isn’t easy and there are many ups and downs along the way. Each day may bring good news or bad news which builds our business or makes us feel like we need to take a step back a little and start again.

They never stop working and have to give up things.
There is no off switch. We will constantly be making decisions, coming up with new ideas or thinking what about what needs doing tomorrow. Also, in the beginning there may not be any going out, eating out, coffees each morning etc.

Original work
You’re not really going to find the anything that’s been handmade on the high-street. I mean it’s our dream to be stocked in high street stores but we do also like to think we’re creating something that is different to everyone else.

Helping them survive on a daily!
You’re helping us pay our bills, put food on the table and look after our families – literally. If we’ve decided to do this full time, we’re also aware there may be struggles and we need to give up luxuries and just earn enough to just get through the month.

Big love goes into each sale
Lots of love, care and attention will go into making each item and packing each order. We’ll add freebies if we can and try to answer emails/queries late into the evening, even though we’ve been up since 5am to get stuff done.

Your supporting our dream
This is our dream, we love what we do, we love sharing our creativity. We love even more that other people like our stuff too and it makes it so worth while when we make that one sale, receive feedback or get a nice email about it.

Just A Card Campaign

Just A Card is a ‘not for profit campaign encouraging people to support and buy from Artists, Makers, Small Businesses and Independent Shops’. They have recently announced an official day dedicated to this amazing campaign on 17th June.

Go give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find out more how they’re helping us small creatives.

Also, one last thing, next time you’re at an event or shop and think i’ll just take a photo of that and share it with my friends, why not go one step further and actually buy the product too and show you’re support that way. Most small items we sell will be less than the price of a coffee on the high street and you’ll be supporting the creativity of that artist too.

Love, Dina x

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