LBGT+Equality For Manchester Pride 2019

A few weeks ago I posted a few photos of paints I bought for a secret project on my Instagram stories. I can now tell you that the project was in fact for Manchester Pride which takes place this weekend (Friday 23rd August til Sunday 26th August).

This year’s parade is theme is ‘Deep Space: A Future of Equality’ which looks forward to a more equal future for all and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. This will be displayed on the Afflecks float during the parade on Saturday 24th August.


Manchester Pride Charity campaigns for LGBT+equality and creates opportunities that engage LGBT+ people so they can thrive. There will be lots on over the 4 day weekend from parties to parades, candlelit vigils and so much more! You can find out more about what’s on HERE.

Paints at the ready…

Why I chose to take part

My reason for taking park it that there is still discrimination and under-representation within the Asian community surrounding LGBT.  Equality and being yourself is the most important factor and nobody should have to hide behind a false persona Being a nice human being is most important after all. A website I came across a while ago, British Asians LGBTI, has a vast amount of information to help and support Asians in particular within the UK who may be struggling.

Finished painting my ‘planet’ in the rainbow colours

My Planet

I was lucky to get this opportunity through Megan at SWALK Creative (3rd Floor Afflecks Palace) where i also display my work alongside and 11 other artists’.

I chose to paint and hand draw my planet. I’ve used the LGBT colours as the planet to represent all; equality and inclusion. The worker bee represents Manchester since this is where the parade is taking place and connects with 2 hands touching to make a heart sign with no skin colour to show it could be anyone. The use of traditional henna pattern is what connects the whole piece representing the Asian community.

I hope anyone attending Manchester Pride has an awesome weekend celebrating! I’ll update this post once i have pics of the float too.

Dina x

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