Summer Raas Garba x The Playful Indian Colouring Pages

I was approached Jitesh who runs Summer Raas Garba event a while ago to create a few colouring pages to engage kids (and possibly grown ups) and add an extra element to the event taking place on Saturday 7th July 2018. I thought this would be a fun little project to do and since I missing Leicester it was nice to be involved and feel like I’m contributing to something good.The event is organised by 7events, soon to be a registered charity, who work for the community bringing people together as well as giving back to community and supporting local charities. The organisation is now successfully in its 3rd year of running and has many varied events around the local Leicestershire area which is ideal for meeting new people, improving self confidence, having fun and most importantly, giving back to support others in the community.

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Summer Raas Garba started in 2016 and is continuously growing with more and more interest from the general public and beyond. They have seen new friendships created and brought together different communities through the art of folk and tribal dance. I’m so proud to be a part of this as it’s an amazing thing the organisation is doing by bringing people together in a fun way. As well as the colouring pages I have created for them, there will also be other crafts such as clay pot decorating which kids can take part in – it’s a great way for them to open up, make new friends and build on their confidence from a young age!

If you’d like to take part, dates are below and I’ve included links for where you can find out more… Date: Saturday 7th July TIme: 5pm onwards Venue: Shree Prajapati Hall, Ulverscroft Rd, Leicester LE4 6BW Cost: £7 per ticket. Under 5’s free (all proceeds go to charity).Twitter:@SummerRaasGarba Instagram: @SummerRaasGarba



Love, Dina x

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