How To Make Your Home Office A Better Place To Work


Working from home in an indulgence. The chance to be in your own space that is both comfortable and allows flexibility of family life. This can also mean that both home and work life merge into one one so here are some tips on making your home office a better place to work.


Working from home can be quite a distraction. You’ve got all your comforts; TV, food and the option to work in your pj’s. It would be ideal to have a separate room just for work but not everyone has this option. Either way, it’s important to choose a quiet and comfortable space in your home with the least distractions and ideally one you don’t have to keep moving around.


I always feel more ‘free’ and the most productive when I’ve had a good clear out of my office. Get rid of anything you don’t need or haven’t used, file away paperwork, organise stock and your work space to make it more efficient for you to work. If you’re working from your living or bed room for example, try to keep that area tidy too. As they say, tidy room, tidy mind.


Having natural light in any room can make a big difference, but especially where you’re working. It will make you feel more awake and focused. Picking an area in your home that is light and bright to work,by a window is ideal, as it will give you an excuse to look outside an avert your eyes from your screen which many of us forget to do!




When i’m stuck for ideas, i always head to my bookshelf. I have a good collection of graphic design and illustration books that always inspire me. There are also motivational prints and photos on my wall to keep me going and remind my why i’m doing this. If you’re using a living space, use a cork or magnetic board to add things to if you don’t want to stick things directly onto walls.


Apparently, plants make people happier so bring some of the outdoors in. Terrariums are still ‘in’ and so pretty so why buy or DIY one or two. Easy to look after plants include spider plants, aloe, air plant, dragon tree and bromeliad which can all go a few days without watering. It’s nice to have a little buddy to talk to while you’re working – your own little Groot 🙂


That’s all, what do you do to make your home office a better place for you to work?

Dina x

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