Leicester Mela 2017

After waking up at 5:30am (because I faff) me and K left around 7:15am for Leicester from Sunny Manchester. It was the day of the Leicester Mela and I was excited back there after a year ago. We reached Leicester market where the event was taking place at around 9am. Set up didn’t take long so it was nice to have time to wander around before the afternoon rush. Also to what other stall holders had to offer and of course what food I could eat later! The day started off slow and steady then we got super busy. The atmosphere was good and luckily the weather stayed dry right up until closing! This year, I didn’t get a chance to see the performances on the main stage.         Vik Kainth and Simmy Ghatt had their vector and mandala artwork on display which was amazing to see in person as I’ve followed their work for a while. I also met the beautiful Kully Rehal (she’s sooooo pretty) her super aunty paintings are my fave and generally all her paintings of desi uncles and aunties will definitely make you giggle so go check out her work! It was also lovely for the gujji comedian Parle from Planet Parle to pop by and say hello and check out his faves (my ‘my darling dhokru’ and ‘you’re the chilli to my paneer’ cards and coasters in real life. It’s nice to finally faces to names of people I follow on social media and say hi for reals.     Meeting followers is always so nice and there were quite a few of you that recognised me and my work. It will never stop to make me feel a warm inside when I see people appreciate my work and smile or give a little giggle as they look through my cards or mugs.     It was a super long day but well worth it. We reached home around 9pm, unloaded and the tiredness kicked in! I’m glad I took the opportunity to take part, I’ll be back next year…   Dina x

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