A-Z Of My Favourite Creatives

Sometimes I feel like I’m on Instagram WAY too much and I do like A LOT of stuff on there. I can’t help it, there’s so many amazing artists and they each have their own unique style of designing and working and I think it’s bloody brilliant. So, I’ve picked out a few artists, shops and stuff that I like and put them in an A-Z to share with you guys. I think I might have to do another as there was quite a few for some of the letters so it was hard to choose one.

A – Amit shimoni
Creates a union of modern-day hipster culture meets history by pairing painted portraits of famous world leaders with the outfits and hairstyles of today’s youth creating fun and bold portraits.

B – Bombay Electric
This quirky indian fashion brand has some beautiful pieces to offer. What caught my eye was the artwork for their collaboration with Elle India celebrating their 6th birthday. Check out the images here.

C – Charly Clements
Her illustrations are so cute and simple in a kawaii style with little face and hand and legs giving character to whatever she’s drawing. As well as cards, she also has a range of t-shirts and has illustrated for magazines and papers too.

D – Dilusionall
Intricate art, this girl must have an immense amount of patience!

E – Elena Pancorbo Illustration
Feminine, that’s how I would describe this girls work, and delicate. PS: #HairGameStrong in her illustrations!

F – Fionna Fernandes
‘Epically colourful, bright and fun illustration’ – she’s not wrong there.I’ve never seen pastel colours work so well in portraits but they do.


G – Gopi Dolls
Ok this is a new things I came across just a week ago but HOW FREAKING BEAUTIFUL are these dolls?! The concept came from a mum of 2 who wanted to teach her daughters about Radha and Krishna. She makes them by transforming regular shop bought dolls into beautiful hand-painted gopis each with their own handmade outfits and jewellery etc.

H – HateCopy
Proper Indian sayings and series stills captured in a Pop Art style and sure to make you laugh.

I – Inkquisitive Illustration
Now who hasn’t heard of or seen any of this talented guys work floating around? He is just so fab and friendly too such a nice dude. I met him at Birmingham Mela last year and we talked for a while and he recognised me as ‘the samosa lady’ due to my ‘You’re the chutney to my samosa’ card. I wonder if anyone else calls me that??? The colours in his work are vibrant, strong and beautiful. I admire his motivation and positive vibes. I can’t pick a favourite piece but I do love the religious art because they show so much emotion and it’s different to what we expect to see of religious art.

J – Jay Kullar
How in a million years does he create this, I mean I wouldn’t know where to start!? I know I couldn’t capture anything as beautiful as these images.

K – Kal Barteski
I have 2 tattoos on my leg with this amazing lady’s script: Have Faith and Stay Wild. Both have meaning to me and I felt they were perfect to what I was going on in my life at the time. Have faith so you can keep going and get through anything life throws at you and stay wild because I am a little bit rebellious but that’s what make me me.

L – Lucy Halcomb Mail
Hand painted envelopes. I wish I had the time to do this before sending out orders or even receive mail with hand drawn stuff on them, I mean it would make opening bills so much more exciting!

M – Mira Malhotra
Graphic designer and visual artist Mira’s illustration is colourful, charming and witty which stems from her fascination of decorative items at local bazaars, Indian history and indigenous arts and crafts.


N – Nikki Miles
I bought some artwork from this girl a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Nikki’s work is playful, bright and makes me smile. My favourite thing about her work is the hand-drawn text there’s something quite friendly and warming about it.

O – Oklahoma
I’ve followed this little shop for a while on Instagram and now that I’ve moved to Manchester where it is, I can spend ALL my money in it. It’s full of eclectic little treasures from kitsch toys to soft embroidered furnishings and everything in-between.

P – Ponypork
I love everything about this account. As simple as it sounds, PonyPork is an account showing the creative and everyday process of a pair of working hands doing everything from painting, drawing and cutting to picking flowers, eating/drinking and just holding things.

Q – Quirkbox
Quirky and slightly eccentric fashion and lifestyle products with playful and colourful art. I’m in love with the blazers and cute shirts.

R – Rajni Perera
Perera fuses photographs with painting to explore some deep issues within culture, gender and dream worlds. I really like this style of work as I feel it brings together reality and imagination.

S – Saira Hunjan
As mentioned above, I do like tattoos but this lady, Saira also known as The Girl With The Golden Needle, is not only beautiful but oh so talented too and has tattooed the like of Kate Moss, Sam Taylor-Wood and Jude Law. I love that she incorporates and embraces her background of Indian culture into her work of tattoos and murals.

T – Taxi Fabric
Can all taxis be like this please! Taxis in India can be dirty and very uncomfortable but have become an iconic part of Indian culture. The idea behind Taxi Fabric is to help artists and designers show off their talent through taxis. And… this is also who was used in Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the weekend’.

U – Unwrapcolour
SO much washi tape, SO much choice. I know that the internet is good for finding anything but I think this online shop was the best find. They have so many different colours and styles to offer I’m just gonna put one of everything in my basket!

V – Vidya Vox
I came across this talented singer via Facebook. She started posting Bollywood / Western pop mashups on her YouTube channel a few months ago I can’t stop listening although people are probably wondered where that horrid sound is coming from (that’ll be me trying to sing).

W – Wasted Rita
For who knows how long her ‘Be bold or italic, never regular’ work has been my desktop wallpaper and I’m sure you must have seen something of her work too. She uses a lot of sarcasm and writes short sentences about life and human beings, the in-betweeners, and the all arounders.

X – XpeonyX
I stumbled upon this account when I was researching for the Mughal pieces I was working on and was taken aback by the detail in the drawings.

Y – Yo Az
Sometimes I like structure, symmetry and a bit of chaos…

Z – Zeitguised
I think I’m more intrigues by this Instagram account. It’s weird but interesting. While I generally am not a huge fan of this type of work, I think Zeitguised was one of the first and they do it well.


Who are some of your favourite creatives?

Dina x


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