8 Ways To Generate More Sales


Try to write detailed descriptions of your items. Maybe the story behind it and why it’s a unique product, what makes it so special and why your customers need it. Don’t forget to include details such as size, weight, materials used and any special care instructions.

If you have an Etsy shop, you can include links to related items in the description too. Or, if you have a shop hosted by another website (your own hosted shop), there should be an option to include related products to that product when a potential customer clicks on it.

Use keywords in your description and Etsy Keywords section that your customers are likely to search for and include the main ones in product title, but don’t make them really long! If you have an SEO section on your own website, take advantage of it and enter the keywords there too.



When I started out, I didn’t have a fancy camera and even today, a lot of my photos are taken on my phone or an old camera I have. Although I do edit my photos before uploading using Photoshop, I do take them in as much natural light as I can.

I also research photo styling for stationery on Pinterest to get an idea of compositions I like and use coloured backgrounds to tie in with my branding. I don’t tend to use any props, but you can always use pens, clips, your keyboard/laptop, books etc sneaking into the image but bear in mind you don’t want these to overpower your product. For on-the-go editing, my favourite apps are VSCO cam and Phonto (to add a website watermark).


Add new products on a regular basis to keep your shop fresh and customers are able to find something new when they visit. This will keep them interested and visiting regularly and in turn, increase traffic to your shop. This could mean listing a new product once a week or a few every month.


I offer a discount to my customers when they purchase from either of my shops. I also include a handwritten note/postcard that they can stick on the wall and keep. If I can, I include freebies such as an extra card or sticker. Giving the customer a little more than they expected will make them feel special and valued and help them remember your shop in future and hopefully return to make a repeat purchase.



Once a month take time out to take a step back and really look at your shop. Make sure your product descriptions are up to scratch and detailed enough, links are up-to-date to other products and social media, update your header if needed and check/analyse what products are most/least selling and update if necessary.



If you have a shop, you probably also have social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. As well as your shop, you also need to make sure you keep your social media accounts up-to-date. This is the perfect place to share a little bit more than just your products and behind-the-scenes photos such as sneak peeks of something you’re working on, your work area or just trips to the post office. Social media should be fun and engaging, not just sales-y.



Reviews of your products from your customers is SO important, it tells potential customers what your products are like and what they thought of them.  I’ve found that asking customers to review their purchases works great. I do this by writing hand-written notes to thank them for the purchase and ask if they have a few minutes spare to review the item and it works. I feel handwritten notes are more personal adding a nice touch, you’re engaging with the customer and creating a relationship at the same time.

Bloggers in your niche are another way to get exposure of your business and showcase your products to your ideal customer. It’s important that you chose the right bloggers to review your products and schedule them out over a few weeks or months. It’s also a good idea to offer a unique discount for each blog to track which one generates the most traffic and revenue.




Offer free shipping if you can. Most people factor the extra cost into their product pricing or offer free shipping over a certain spend amount. I’ve personally found that free shipping has increased my sales (for UK customers which is where I’m based) and plan to offer it to International customers soon.   

Also do you even ship globally? If not, why not!? Broaden your horizons and get more customers, you never know who might be interested…

What are your tips for generating more sales? Share them in the comments below.

Dina x

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