The Great British Off Bake Draw Along Final

So, we’ve reached the end of The Great British Bake Off, what do we do with ourselves now!? Wait ’til Christmas because it’s back for 2 episodes before it moves across to Channel 4! Yayyyy!


I posted half way through the challenge how the challenge was going and the fact that it inspired a Dutch version too, you can read about that HERE. I’ve actually really enjoyed the creating illustrations based on the TV series and coming up with the funny little quotes from the characters of food I drew, it gave me a little giggle too.


week-1-cakes #gbbodrawalong  week-2-biscuits #gbbodrawalong

week-3-bread #gbbodrawalong  week-4-batter #gbbodrawalong

week-5-pastry #gbbodrawalong  week-6-botanical-week #gbbodrawalong

week-7-dessert-week  week-8-tuor-week

week-9-patisserie-week  week-10-royal-week-final


I wanted to also say thank you to everyone that took part with me, I hope you enjoyed it too 🙂 I think it has inspired me to create more new cards, obviously based on food, and I can’t wait to get started on ranges for next year. If you took part in the challenge, whether it be the British one of Dutch version, I’d love to know what have you learnt from it or what has it inspired you to do? Also, which was your favourite illustration?


Dina x


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