Prague – A Short Break

I recently took some much-needed time off from work and everything and visited Prague with the better half, his niece and her other half.


What can i say, it’s a beautiful city. Stunning Baroque architecture and Medieval churches mixed with graffiti walls and modern transport running through. Prague definitely had a lot to offer.


prague view

Being a bit geeky, i like to plan and research what i wanted to see and make sure i made the most of my time there. Our flight was from London so we drove there from Manchester and then landed in the afternoon and by that time it was getting dark so we went for a wonder and ended up in town where we ate and headed back to the hotel.


Most mornings we were up and about early wondering the streets to see what we could find and obviously what we could find to eat! We managed to walk around 45 miles in the first 4 days. I don’t think my Samsung Health app knew what what going on! We’d done all the sight-seeing by now and so the next few days were more about just relaxing and taking it easy.


I did get snap-happy so here’s a few photos of out adventure…


prague astrnomical clock

prague - frank kapfka head

prague - church

prague - cathedral

prague - sigmund freud statue

prague view

prague gardens

prague random statue

prague waff waff

prague bikes

prague john lenon wall

prague gardens


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