March Meet The Maker Round-Up

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining and March Meet The Maker is over 🙁 Now what am I supposed to do? I’ve enjoyed taking part in this challenge as I feel it’s given a people a different insight into my business and it’s opened up my eyes to posting behind the scenes photos I wouldn’t usually do which I’ve actually really enjoyed.


If you’re not sure what March Meet The Maker is, you can find out more HERE. Basically, it’s a monthly Instagram challenge set by the lovely Joanne Hawker giving daily prompts to help small businesses share the story of their brand, to give an insight into who we are as makers, processes and how we create all the beautiful products we offer.
For me personally, it’s been different showing less set up/organised images and more raw, behind the scenes stuff so I do feel I’ve shared more of what goes into my business and the story and what it means to me. I do hope this has given everyone that follows me more of an understanding to why I do what I do and the hard work that, not just me, but other small business like myself put into making things that are unique, special and cool just for you. Take a look at my posts below or take a look on Instagram.







I have totally loved following some of the other small businesses that took part in the challenge and reading why they’re doing what they’re doing and how. It’s also great as you learn a lot from what others do, it gives you ideas on how you can improve your business and make things better for your customers.
I can’t wait to take part in this again next year and hopefully look back and see how much business has developed. Look forward to seeing you joining in too!
Dina x


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