Leicester Diwali Mela Outcome



What can I say, I am still tired from a super busy weekend over in Leicester for the Diwali Mela on Saturday AND making loads of Diwali food with my mum on Sunday. I can’t complain really though about making Diwali food as I did fill a big container and brought it home with me too 🙂






The Leicester Mela event was a busy day too. We left as 6.30am, I woke up at 5am because I faff around too much and I wanted to make sure I had everything which I did. Along the way, we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half and panic had set in (so had finding the next service station so we could all use the loos as I’d filled up on coffee), I got in touch with the organisers who assured us it would be OK if we were a little late. Finally, we arrived in Leicester and began setting up around 9.30am. I was relieved to have planned where I was laying out my stock and how I was going to organise my greeting cards as it was just a case of unpacking and displaying – I think this is SO important when attending events – the pre-planning!






There was a slow but steady flow of people during the morning but in the afternoon things got busier and busier. There were lots of families as shows were being put on about the story of Diwali, live singing and dancing on the main stage and around city centre, there was plenty going on throughout the day for everyone. I can’t beleive I sold out of ALL my Diwali cards right at the start, it got crazy and the coasters were a hit too 🙂 If you’re writing your Diwali cards this week, check out this post for inspiration on what to write.




It was a great day with a good buzz in the air. It still makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy when people look at my cards and smile or tell me the sayings relate to someone they know, that’s the whole point of this! I loved that I met people who had previously purchased my cards before and even more happy that I’ve introduced something new to others. Feedback on everything was so amazing and positive from everyone and I’m glad I took part.


We left at 6.30pm-ish and I couldn’t resist stopping by one of my favourite places to eat – OI Potato – it was well needed and deserved!




Now, I’m off to make these cookie dough barfi’s and resist eating all the cookie dough…


Dina x

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