An Evening Meal At Scene Indian Street Kitchen, Manchester

With an 8pm booking, K and I headed to Scene Indian Street Kitchen in Manchester. We knew it was going to be busy when we arrived an expected a bit of a wait but nope, we were seated within 5 minutes of arriving which was a pleasant surprise – although I would have probably worked my way down the cocktail menu while waiting 🙂


After being seated, our waiter explained the menu to us – it was pretty big menu but we decided we’d be good and not stuff our faces so we ordered starters of Pani Puri (£4.95) and poppadoms (£80p each) and for drinks K opted for a coke whereas I HAD to try one of the signature cocktails; Bombay Bonfire (Chival Regal, lemon juice, honey and ginger syrup and atomised laphroaig £8.95) while we decided on mains…




For mains, we opted for Paneer Butter Masala (£7.95), Bombay Aloo (£7.95) as well as a side of chips (£2.50) and the Kachumber (£2.25). The waiter arrived and set everything on the table and we just dived right in. Although the food was milder than I expected, it was tasty. I did feel the Paneer Butter Masala did taste a bit too much like tomato soup though but that’s just my opinion, K enjoyed it – he polished off the whole lot! The portions were a good size too and we were pretty full after.



We decided we couldn’t manage dessert but we did take a peek and were surprised to find kheer on the menu which is one of K’s favourites as well as homemade barfi so maybe a return visit is in order just to try dessert. Plus, there’s also a veranda and shisha area where you can also order food and enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening. Unfortunately, it was a busy evening so we didn’t get the chance to try this out either but always a reason to visit again…



Overall we really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Scene Indian. The decor was awesome too with little Indian quirks here and there. Food wide, I feel there was totally something for everyone and even though Indian food is heavy, they did offer something for those that are watching their figure; a super food section with healthier options so everyone can enjoy. I did feel the cocktails were a little expensive but nice and packed with a punch if you know what I mean 🙂 Overall, we had a lovely evening with excellent service and I would definitely return to try more of what Scene Indian Manchester has to offer on their menu.


Dina x


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