What To Write In A Raksha Bandhan Card

what to write in a raksha bandhan card

Raksha Bandhan falls on 3rd August this year. It is a special day for siblings to celebrate their relationship and where a sacred thread, rakhi, is tied symbolising protection. I wrote a post about the meaning behind Raksha Bandhan which you can read HERE.

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If you’ve got you’re card and rakhi but are now struggling on what to write in it, here’s a few suggestions…

  1. Share a memory/story. Whether it be funny, serious or just a sentimental moment you’ve shared,, recall a memory that it special to you both.
  2. Tell your brother what he means to you. We don’t tell our brothers enough how much we love them or what they mean to us and Raksha Bandhan is the perfect day to say this.
  3. Say thank you. If your brother has helped you in any way, say thank you and let him know you appreciate him and everything he does for you.
  4. Bonding time. Use the card as an invite for  a special day together doing an activity you both enjoy.
  5. Wish him ALL the blessings! Of course we want the best for our brother so send him your blessings and wish him all the best in everything he does.

Likewise, if you’re a brother buying a card for your sister to say thank you, think of similar things you can write about and make it meaningful!


Hope this has helped and give you some inspiration of what to write about in your Raksha Bandhan card.

Dina x

Updated 20/07/2020

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