Printable Diwali Food Labels


Not sure how many of you (or your mum’s) have started making Diwali food, but mine started over the weekend and I’m slowly putting in my requests 🙂


I created these illustrations for a Diwali post last year I did about Diwali facts and wanted to put them to use. I figured I’d make them into labels which you can put on the Diwali foods you’ll make! My mum has loads of  steel containers and we never can find the snack we want to eat so this year we’ll know what’s in them. There’s a few blank squares too!

diwali food label img

You can either print them on sticker paper and cut them out or plain paper and stick them onto the relevant containers, either way, be sure to take snaps and tag me in them @playfulindian (Instagram), @Playful_Indian (Twitter) and @theplayfulindian (Facebook).



Dina x


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