7 Important Things Mums Do

There are so many things that mums (and dads) do for us that we just don’t think anything of. From the day we’re born until the day we’re separated, mums will always, always do everything they can to take care of us, love us and be there for us.


Since it’s nearly Mother’s Day, I thought I would put together a list of some of the things mums do for us that we sometimes take for granted. It’s things that you might want to mention when writing your Mother’s Day card.


1. Love us unconditionally

2. Settle arguments

3. Take care and comfort of us

4. Put us first

5. Make us the best ever food

6. Listen

7. Understand



Shop Mother’s Day cards  here and don’t forget to tell your mum you love her everyday and appreciate her always being there for you.


Love Dina x


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