What To Write In A Birthday Card


.You know when you buy the perfect card and you’re all excited to send it out. Then you get home, open it ready to write then you’re stuck like damn it, what do I write?! Not all of us know what to write so here’s a few ideas I’ve gathered for you.   Two things to think about when you’re ready…

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What To Write In A Raksha Bandhan Card


Raksha bandhan comes around once a year, this year it falls on 26th August. It is a special day for brothers and sisters to celebrate their relationship and where sisters tie a rakhi to brothers symbolising the protection he provides for her. I wrote a post about the meaning behind Raksha Bandhan which you can read HERE and there’s also…

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What To Write In A Card – Father’s Day

Why is it, when it comes to writing a Father’s Day card we never know what to write unlike Mother’s Day when we can say a million, trillion things. Each of our dads are special to us, their mannerisms, actions and just generally how they are with us so there are lots of things we could write about to honour…

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What To Write In A Christmas Card


You’re in the Christmas spirit with Christmas songs on in, a nice hot drink, stamps, some nice pens and a whole bunch of Christmas cards ready to write this years’ Christmas cards for friends and family all excited then it hits you…writer’s block. Crap, do you write the same message in each card or do you make each one special,…

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What To Write In A Card – Diwali

Diwali is like and Indian Christmas and it’s one of the times we try to get together and send cards to friends and family over the world to let them know we’re thinking of them. If you’re looking for Diwali cards, there’s a selection in the shop with bold, bright and simple designs or choose modern and trendy here. Diwali,…

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