5 Ways To Deal With Unproductive Days

dealing with unproductive days

Everybody has an unproductive work day from time to time and there are lots of reasons why. For example, your brain doesn’t want to function, you have other things on your mind or you just don’t feel like working. There have been plenty of times i’ve tried to make myself work that i just end up creating more work for…

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Coping With Mental Health + Helping Yourself Or A Friend

coping with mental health

It’s been over a month since Mental Health Awareness week and since I posted this image and caption on Instagram about my personal mental health issues. It took me a good week to pluck up the courage to post it after umming and ahhing whether this felt too personal to share. The reason I ended up posted it was because…

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What To Write In A Birthday Card


.You know when you buy the perfect card and you’re all excited to send it out. Then you get home, open it ready to write then you’re stuck like damn it, what do I write?! Not all of us know what to write so here’s a few ideas I’ve gathered for you.   Two things to think about when you’re ready…

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Things To Do For Valentine’s Day On Any Budget

valentines header

FREE THINGS TO DO   GO FOR A PICNIC / COOK A MEAL AT HOME If one of you always does the cooking, why not take this opportunity to return the favour. Start the day with breakfast in bed, then lunch with a cute little love note or a romantic meal in the evening, I’m certain it would be appreciated!…

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What To Write In A Card – Valentine’s Day

valentines day

Hearts, teddies and flowers and everything red and pink must only mean one thing, Valentine’s Day is nearly around the corner. It’s the days that half of us dread and the other half get all excited and mushy about.   Saying that, it is the perfect time to tell a special someone how much you are and really put some…

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last minute christmas diy gift

‘Til the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. More like stressed! With just over a week to go until Santa visits us and most of us running around like headless chickens trying to sort Christmas gifts out. Just in case you don’t have time, accidentally forget closer to the day, OR, fancy making something yourself, below are a few ideas…

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