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Diwali is a colourful festival, filled with food, family, gifts and lots of love and light; much like an Indian Christmas. A time when homes are thoroughly cleaned, family/friends visit each other and lots of food is made! There are many stories about what Diwali is and why it’s celebrated, I wrote THIS POST containing why it’s celebrated by different religions and Diwali facts.



diwali resources

If you’ve started buying Diwali cards but are struggling to say the right words, head on over to my ‘What to write in a Diwali Card’ post to get some ideas.



diwali resources diwali resources

If you’re looking to create your own mithai, this cookie dough chocolate barfi I illustrated by Sanjana at KO Rasoi last year is simple, easy and tastes so yum! It would make the perfect little treats to give to family and friends when they visit over the Diwali festival.

 For something to do with the kids, THESE diya-shaped cookies are perfect AND you can get the kids to decorate them in different colours and patterns.


Look out for the next weeks post which will have FREE Diwali food label printable. In the meantime, comment below on some of the Diwali foods you would like to see labels for…


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