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What To Write In A Card – Valentine’s Day

Over-priced meals and set menus in restaurants and hearts, teddies and flowers everywhere on show can only mean one thing…that’s right, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon up. It’s the days that half of us dread and the other half get all excited and mushy about.


Saying that, it is the perfect time to tell a special someone how much you are and really put some thought into showing them too whether you’ve been together for 5 weeks or 5 years, it’s still kinda cute and we all love when someone makes a special effort just for you.


Here goes the soppy bit; love will make you feel excited, happy, fun, playful and everything inbetween. Celebrate the small moments you’ve had throughout your time together and giggle at the silly little quirks about each other that you love (or hate). Take a look at this huge collection of funny food cards here and here for you to give to your loved one as well as these mugs to make that special someone smile every morning.


So you get your card, now what exactly should you write in it? Personally, I’d say keep it fun, a bit silly, use nicknames if you have them for each other (that is cute isn’t it?) and keep it short, and not like 10 billion paragraphs, but caring!



If you’re in a new relationship it’s still nice to know you appreciate each other in your lives so a cute card with a simple message is best. It shows you care and and have thought about it, but you won’t care them away by sounding obsessed 🙂



For messages if you’ve been in a long term relationship, you should tell your partner how much they mean to you and that you’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you both. Keep is sweet and not too serious.



So you’ve already bagged the goods but it’s still nice to receive a little card to something to show you’ve remembered the day 🙂 Since you will have been together for a while, the message in your cards can be as cheesy as you like, (he or she isn’t going anywhere now) and be a little emotional and sweet to show you appreciate them.


That’s it, get writing your card now…!


If you’re looking for things to do this Valentine’s Day, check out this post.

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